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  • Custom Ceramic (Alumina) parts & lining

    Alumina is one of the best solution for abrasive control in tanks, pipes or any flow devices. Titatech offers specialty Alumina parts – such as Alumina tiles (with adhesive system), Alumina nozzles, Alumina lined pipes, Installation services and Customised Alumina parts
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  • In-situ Valve Servicing & Testing

    High pressure & temperature valves servicing
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  • Pipelines Fabrication & Installation

    Service fluids: water, steam, fuel, oil, sea water, bulk materials and corrosive chemicals. Pressure rating: from Sch 10 to Sch 160 Pipe Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steels, titanium, PVC, HDPE and etc.
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  • Structures fabrication & erections

    Structures: Beams, hangers, platforms, bridge & ladders
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  • Tivar-88 (UHMW Polyethylene) Lining

    Titatech Engineering (TTESB) offers abrassive and corrosive prevention solution for pipelines, tanks and silos. Abrasive Protection Powderous solids are commonly abrasive to metal surface which is used to fabricate tank, silos, bin or chute. TIVAR-88 is a type unique UHMW Polyethylene which exhibit excellent abrassive resistant behavior as it is smooth (very low co-efficient of friction) with good impact strength. TIVAR-88 is widely used in Cement Mills, Coal Fired Power Plants, Steel Mills, Mines, Quarries and Petrochemicals. Titatech Engineering also extend the service of steel fabrication in case of the tank, silos or hopper is badly eroded. Titatech Engineering TIVAR-88 lining services are focus on speed and reliability. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for TTESB. Our achor project can be found in CIMA cement plants.
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  • Transformer Services

    Titatech Engineering (TTESB) offers mechanical, electrical and oil solutions for transformer maintenance job. TTESB has been appointed by Reinhausen (better-known as MR) as installer for their oil filter unit and air filter units. The job scopes under TTESB are:-  
    1. Filter unit stand fabrication and installation.
    2. Mechanical piping installation.
    3. Control panel installation.
    4. Electrical wiring installation.
    5. Pre-test transformer oil handling and oil change.
    6. Test and commissioning.
    All fabrications will be done on-site to minimize the downtime of transformer. Piping fabricated are tested with nitrogen gas for any leakages. Pre-commissioning oil flushing are also included to ensure the piping and hoses are cleaned before operating the transformer.
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