Tivar-88 (UHMW Polyethylene) Lining

Titatech Engineering (TTESB) offers abrassive and corrosive prevention solution for pipelines, tanks and silos.

Abrasive Protection

Powderous solids are commonly abrasive to metal surface which is used to fabricate tank, silos, bin or chute. TIVAR-88 is a type unique UHMW Polyethylene which exhibit excellent abrassive resistant behavior as it is smooth (very low co-efficient of friction) with good impact strength. TIVAR-88 is widely used in Cement Mills, Coal Fired Power Plants, Steel Mills, Mines, Quarries and Petrochemicals.

Titatech Engineering also extend the service of steel fabrication in case of the tank, silos or hopper is badly eroded.

Titatech Engineering TIVAR-88 lining services are focus on speed and reliability. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for TTESB. Our achor project can be found in CIMA cement plants.


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