Specialty Valves

Specialty Valves

Specialty Valves

Asahi PVC ball, check and diaphragm valves

Asahi PVC ball, check and diaphragm valves

Axium Hygienic valves

Beric Full range of steel valves

BF Kyogo Kaisha Butterfly Valves

Biar Process sampling valves

Bonetti Level gauges & steam valves

Cla-Val Fire safety valve

Dorot Back flushing valve

Doughlas Chero Forged steel valves

HJ Cast Steel Valves

Hankook Cast Steel Valves

LDM Pneumatic Contol Valves

Flexi-Hinge Steel Check Valves

Gemels High Pressure Ball Valves

Hayward PVC & PP valves

Hiwa abrasive resistant valves

Kepner High pressure check valves

KPC Trunnion mounted ball valves

Orbinox Knife gate valves

Pneumatrol Solenoid valves

Samyang-Arca Control Valves

Samshin Cast & Forged Steel Valves

SAVE Valves (Formerly Seo-Heung Metal Co Ltd). Specialised valves in power plant, shipbuilding and energy industries.

S&S Carbon Steel Valves

Rhino Forged Ball Valves

Schroedahl Automiatic Valves

Kowov Ceramic lined ball valves

Fluval Carbon steel valves

Firomatic Fire safety valves

Geberal Rubber Expansion joints

MVP Remanufactured Valves Spare Parts

Automa Control & Actuated Valves

Astam Manual Cast Steel & Iron Valves

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